Pramac High Scissor Lift Pallet Truck with 1000kgs Load Capacity


Size: Fork Length: 1150mm - Fork Width: 160mm
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The HX0M scissor lift makes possible an easy and light lifting to a height of 800mm, becoming a practical work platform, suitable for places such as machine workshops. This pallet truck is also able to carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines.

Control Lever:

  • The handle offers an ergonomic tiller and a 3 positions control level.
  • The special lowering valve allows you to smoothly lower the load.

Hydraulic Unit:

Resistant and reliable one piece cast iron pump including:

  • Two-Stage Telescopic Lifting Piston: to allow working with low profile frame granting lightness and better operator visibility.
  • Maximum Pressure Valve: safety device that ensures the transpallet against overloads. When the pressure inside the hydraulic circuit exceeds the set calibration value according to the maximum nominal flow, the valve automatically locks the forks.
  • Proportional Lowering Valve: lowering speed can be proportionally controlled according to the lever position on the tiller. Perfect working tool to carry fragile and delicate loads like, crystal, glass and ceramics.

Front and Rear Stabilisers:

  • The new control linkage makes possible the entry on the closed side of the pallet by a slight lifting, which facilitates the successive handling phases. Furthermost, greater machine stability is achieved by using load rollers in a more advanced position and providing front stabilisers as standard. Work is made even more stable and safer with the rear stabilisers, also when the working height exceeds the 400mm and in the case of heavy objects.


  • Lift Height: 715mm
  • Height of Tiller in Drive Position Max: 1250mm
  • Height of Tiller in Drive Position Min: 415mm
  • Height when lowered: 85mm
  • Overall Length: 1526mm
  • Length of Face to Forks: 376mm
  • Overall Width: 540mm
  • Fork Thickness: 48mm
  • Fork Width: 160mm
  • Fork Length: 1150mm
  • Distance Between Fork Arms: 540mm
  • Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbase: 21mm
  • Aisle Width: 2019mm
  • Turning Radius: 1369mm

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