Green Rainbow Rivet Commercial Shelving - 1830mm x Choose x Choose - 3, 4 or 5 Levels

SKU: 11197

Length: 915mm
Depth: 305mm
Levels: 3 Levels
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Green Rainbow Rivet Shelving racking that meets the demands of any warehouse, storeroom and workshop.

Green Rainbow Rivet Shelving offers incredible value for money with amazing strength and rigidity. The quality of the materials used and robust construction ensures it will meet the rigors of the toughest workplace

The vast range of bay sizes allows for a solution to meet your storage needs and the available space. Flexibility of wide open bays and large shelf capacities enable products of varying weights and dimensions to be easily stored within a single system.

Heights Available:

  • 1830mm

Beam Lengths Available: 

  • 915mm, 1220mm, 1525mm, 1830mm

Depths/Widths Available:

  • 305mm, 457mm, 610mm, 762mm, 915mm


  • 3, 4 or 5 Levels

Weight Loading:

  • 800kgs UDL per level

Colour of the Posts:

  • Green

Other Colours Available:

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